Ready baking mixes

Ready baking mixes

Are a dry mix of food additives — basic and acid salts — with the addition of a filler preventing their interaction prior to use (mixing in the dough). The action is based on a chemical reaction accompanied by carbon dioxide release, which, by forming bubbles, uniformly «lifts» the dough, which gives baking products their fluffiness without a strange taste of soda (provided that the dosing is right). Baking powder with various compositions is released by many producers of food additives and is sold ready-made. In order to prevent a premature reaction of the components during storage it is expedient not to mix them but to spoon them into a can or other container by layers, so that a layer of the filler would separate the reagents’ layers (e.g., soda and citric acid). Prior to use the layers should be mixed so that components would be mixed in the dough at the proportion required.

A selection of Bavarian mixes

A powder-like mix for the preparation of various creams, mousses and cakes – soufflé.

Focaccia mix

A ready-made mix for Italian bread baking. It also contains milk proteins, sweet pepper, onion, oregano, dried tomatoes in powder form.

Mix for preparation of «Macaron» sweets

A ready-made mix for the preparation of “Macaron” sweets.

Macaron is a French sweet made from egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, ground almond and food colorings.