Emulsifiers and antioxidants

Emulsifiers and antioxidants

Emulsifiers are added to food products in order to create and stabilize emulsions and other dispersed food systems. Emulsifiers have various actions. They are responsible for mutual distribution of two immiscible phases, for the thickness of a food product, its paste forming properties, viscosity and sensation of “fullness” in the mouth. Emulsifiers which create conditions for homogeneous diffusion of the gaseous phase into liquid and solid food products are called foam forming agents. Emulsifiers added to liquid whipped products in order to prevent the foam subsidence are called foam stabilizers.

Emulsifiers have surface-active properties: while concentrating on the surface of the immiscible phases’ parting line they can reduce the interphase surface tension.

Antioxidants (antioxidation agents, oxidation inhibitors) delay the process of food products oxidation, thus protecting fats and fat-containing products from rancidification, and thus preventing fruit, vegetables and products of processing thereof from darkening, and thus delaying the fermentative oxidation of wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. As a result the shelf lives of such products increase several times.

Antioxidants delay the process of oxidation by means of interacting with air oxygen (preventing it from reacting with the product), stopping the oxidation reaction (deactivating active radicals) or destroying peroxides having already formed. In this regard antioxidants themselves are utilized and wasted, therefore the higher their dose is the longer the product’s shelf life is. But it is impossible to prolong the shelf life forever: it is unreasonable to increase the antioxidant concentration above 0.02% due to technological and hygienic reasons.

Dimodan S-T

DIMODAN S-T emulsifier contains distilled monoglycerides produced based on partly subhydrogenated soybean oil used for food purposes.

Dimodan НР

DIMODAN HP emulsifier contains distilled monoglycerides produced based on fully hydrogenated palm oil used for food purposes.

Grindox 109

Grindox 109 as a highly effective mix of ВНА, ВНТ antioxidants, propyl gallate and citric acid with propylene glycol, rapeseed oil and food emulsifier as a carrier.

Grindsted PGPR90

Grindsted PGPR 90 is an ester of polycondensed ricinoleic acid polyglycerol.

Grindsted PRO45

Grindsted PRO 45 is an encapsulated calcium propionate which prevents mold growth.