Improving agents and baking ingredients

Improving agents and baking ingredients

Are ideal for the production of high-quality bread and flour products. They ensure the obtainment of tender and light crumb. They also reduce crumbling while cutting. They contribute to a considerable volume increase, reduction of staling and prolongation of bread shelf life.

Baker’s powder

Multipurpose leavening agent for all types of products.

EKO improving agent for pastry

- increases the dough output at lower costs on raw materials;

- ensures smaller volume of products subject to storage, ready for proofing;

- increases the bread volume during the baking process;

- ensures high stability of products at elevated temperatures and during long-term storage.

Karimil improving agent

- ensures silkiness of dough;

- ensures softness of the crumb and the melting effect in the mouth

- increases the bread volume.

- contributes to faster proofing of the dough.

- gives golden color to the crust


Jelly-like emulsion for the preparation of sponge cakes and soft muffins. It reduces the time of preparation of muffins and sponge cakes (15 min).

Toast mix

A mix for the production of bread which is highly valued and consumed in the form of breakfast toasts.