Sugar substitutes and sweeteners

Sugar substitutes and sweeteners

All modern sugar substitutes can be divided in two groups — natural and synthetic. Natural sweet substances are fully digested by the organism, take part in all metabolic processes and, as common sugar, provide the human body with energy. They are safe and often have remedial properties. The majority of synthetic substitutes are not transformed when entering the human body, and they don’t have caloric value. They are dozens and hundreds of times sweeter than sucrose. The use of synthetic sugar substitutes is strictly limited.

Crystal fructose

Natural fruit sugar which is used in the production of medicines and dietetic products.

Powdered sugar

Is predominantly used in the production of confectionery products.


Is used in the production of dietetic products and dietetic beverages.

Пудра сахарная

Используется преимущественно в приготовлении кондитерских изделий.


Применяется при изготовлении диетических продуктов и диетических напитков.

Фруктоза кристаллическая

Натуральный фруктовый сахар, применяется при изготовлении лечебных препаратов и диетических продуктов.