Preservatives and flavor enhancers

Preservatives and flavor enhancers

Preservatives are substances suppressing the growth of microorganisms in a product. In this regard, as a rule, they preserve the product from bad flavor and smell, mold growth and formation of toxins of bacterial origin. In modern food industry of any country there are certain requirements towards preservatives. First of all, they should be harmless for people. Also additives should not have chemical reaction with materials the product package is made of. Preservatives should not reduce the dietary value of products or give a foreign taste or flavor to food. Though, in some cases a preservative actually gives the desired taste qualities to the product.

Ascorbic acid

Crystal powder of white or yellowish color, easily soluble in water and alcohol and having sour taste. It is used as an antioxidant, acidity regulator and dye/color stabilizer in the food industry in the production of food products.

Citric acid

Is used as an antioxidant, acidity regulator and dye/color stabilizer in the food industry in the manufacture of food products.

Potassium sorbate

Safe preserving reagent which is often used in preserving and canning of food products, especially vegetable canned products, egg semifinished products, meat and fish products, fruit juices, non-alcoholic beverages, as well as in cosmetics production.

Sodium benzoate

In the food industry it plays the role of a preservative for fat products, mayonnaise, fruit and berry products, meat, fish, beverages, puree.

Sodium glutamate

Monosodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant replaceable amino acids in nature. Food producers use it as a food additive intended for enhancing taste sensations due to the increase of tongue receptors’ sensitivity.

Sodium tripolyphosphate

Tripolyphosphoric acid salt Na5Р3О10. It is a food preservative and stabilizer more commonly known as Е451. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in food industry. In meat industry it is used as a stabilizer, acidity regulator, dye fixing agent, antioxidant.