Seeds, spices

Fried sunflower seeds

Fried sunflower seeds are a snack product. And thanks to various degrees of frying the sunflower seeds have a wide range of flavors, aromas and aftertastes.

Milled cinnamon

It is a spice widely used in cooking. Cinnamon contains: proteins – 3.8 g, carbohydrates – 76.5 g, fats – 1.3 g, essential oils – up to 1%; vitamins – В, К, А, Р groups and mineral substances – iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, sodium.

Poppy seeds

Blue; for food purposes. Poppy seeds contain (100 g of seeds): water – 7 g, fats – 41.5 g, carbohydrates – 8.5 g, proteins – 18.5 g, fiber – 19 g, fatty acids, particularly omega-3; oleic and linoleic acids.